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Clear + Brilliant Touch

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What Is Clear + Brilliant Touch?

The Clear + Brilliant® Touch laser focuses on the outermost layer of your skin to stop aging signs and keep your skin glowing. Each treatment is personalized to suit your needs and usually lasts around an hour.


How does it work?

The Clear + Brilliant laser employs a fractional approach, generating tiny treatment zones within the upper skin layers. This process replaces damaged skin with rejuvenated tissue, promoting a healthier appearance. While the original 1440 nm wavelength targets fine lines and dull skin tone, the Permea 1927 nm wavelength effectively addresses pigmentation issues, offering a comprehensive solution within a single platform.

What does Clear + Brilliant Touch treat?

Clinical studies have demonstrated various benefits of Clear + Brilliant Touch treatments, including:

  • Diminished early aging signs like fine lines

  • Reduced pore size for smoother skin texture

  • Enhanced skin texture, tone, and consistency

  • Increased clarity, vibrancy, and radiance of complexion

  • Improved appearance of pigmentation issues such as melasma and spots

  • Stimulated collagen production

  • Enhanced skin permeability

When will the results be noticable?
While some immediate results may be apparent, further enhancement occurs gradually. Within days of treatment, the skin feels softer, appears brighter, and exhibits a more even tone. Continued improvement unfolds in the weeks and months afterward, with additional touch-up sessions augmenting results over time.

What is the recovery process like?

Downtime is minimal, typically involving temporary redness and inflammation immediately post-treatment, which typically resolve within hours. Patients typically resume regular activities promptly after their session.

How long do results last?
Results from Clear + Brilliant Touch treatments manifest both immediately and progressively. Some improvement is noticeable soon after treatment, with further enhancement unfolding in subsequent weeks. Upon completion of the treatment plan, results can be enjoyed for several months. Regular sessions help maintain the refreshed appearance indefinitely.

Are there any side effects?
Clear + Brilliant Touch is a gentle treatment, and side effects are generally mild and short-lived. Temporary redness, tenderness, and inflammation may occur. Sun protection is crucial in the initial weeks post-treatment to safeguard the treated areas.

Am I a suitable candidate for Clear + Brilliant Touch treatments?
Clear + Brilliant Touch is suitable for most individuals, including both men and women experiencing early signs of aging, seeking a comfortable and downtime-free way to rejuvenate their appearance. This treatment is suitable for all skin types and ages.

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